Maintenance and Care

Please read the user manual and technical information carefully before driving your new cart, and please maintain and operate the cart according to the user manual.



  1. After the first 1000 miles, and every 3000 miles thereafter, perform routine maintenance.

  2. Please use the lubricants listed in the User Manual.

  3. Only the original charger can be used for charging the cart, any other charger may affect battery power and battery life and could damage the battery.

  4. Charge and maintain the battery according to the user manual instructions.

  5. Make sure the vehicle is non-overloaded to avoid abnormal wear and tear.

  6. Please keep the tire pressure to appropriate levels.

  7. The surface of the battery, cables and bolts should be kept clean and dry.

  8. Check for loose battery connections periodically.

  9. Check for low electrolytes periodically and fill with distilled water as needed.

  10. The negative and positive poles must never be connected or it can cause a short in the system.

  11. The batteries must be charged the same day the battery is discharged no matter how long the drive time is and how far the travel mileage is.  Charging for more than 24 hours can shorten battery life.

  12. If the cart is unused for any length of time, the cart should be stored after the batteries are fully charged, and recharge the batteries every two weeks, the charging time is around 9 hours.

  13. The batteries should all be the same brand, same capacity, similar voltage (after full charge, the maximum voltage difference should be no more than 0.1V). 

  14. Keep and use batteries out of the reach of children.

  15. Use insulated gloves and other safety measures or it may result in a hazard of electric shock.  The battery contains sulfuric acid, prevent the sulfuric acid from contacting skin, clothing and splashing into the eyes; if any above case happens, please wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

  16. The work temperature range of the battery is -20~+55 ℃ , if the work temperature is +5~+35℃ , the battery life will be longer.